Are you being safe online?

Cyber Security Awareness Month serves as a dedicated opportunity to raise awareness about the critical need for cyber security education in our modern lives.

As technology continues to evolve and integrate into every facet of our daily routines, understanding the importance of safeguarding our digital identities and assets has never been more crucial.

That's why it’s more important than ever to take a step back and consider how we can protect ourselves and our organisations online. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be tackling some critical topics in an engaging and interactive way for anyone and everyone active online: 

  1. Mutli-Factor Authentication 
  2. Passwords
  3. Updating software and patching 
  4. Reducing your phishing risk

90% of all data breaches begin with a phishing email


Week 1: Multi-Factor Authentication

Watch the video - MFA Scenario:

Do you know someone in your life who tends to click quickly without much thought? This is a great opportunity to share these resources with them and ensure they have MFA enabled on their accounts.  

MFA 2-1

Read the latest insights:

MFA works on the premise of the following factors; something you know, something you have, and something you are.

Read more and explore why you need to be using MFA here > 

Pass2 (2)

Download tipsheet:

Fortify your online defences with the MFA tipsheet bringing you a best practice guide to setting up MFA on your accounts. 

Week 2: Passwords and passphrases 

Watch the video - Passwords:

WView the video on creating stronger passwords and take a moment to review all your passwords. Are they in line with our recommendations

For the little ones: Passwords for kids

Pass2 (2)-2

Read the latest insights:

On average, it takes a hacker 2 seconds to crack a password that has 11 characters.

Learn to create strong, secure passwords here. 

Pass2 (2)-1

Download tipsheet:

Explore the tipsheet on passwords and passphrases.

Feel free to share this to your network on LinkedIn!  

Week 3: Updating and patching software 

Software 3 (2)

Are you regularly updating your device?

Take a moment to reflect on your approach to software updates. 
Action: If you haven’t updated any of your applications, please update asap.  

Software 3

Download tipsheet:

Explore the software and patching tip sheet for the best practice approach.  

Week 4: Reducing your phishing risk 

Watch the video - Scan for S.C.A.M:

Watch the Scan for S.C.A.M video and think of a recent email you received where you might’ve seen the signs.

Did you report it? If you haven’t seen one recently, you might need a refresh on the signs of a phishing email. 

Phish 2 (2)

Download tipsheet:

Explore the tipsheet about the anatomy of a phishing email and angler phishing for an engaging way to spot the red flags and reduce your risk of phishing. 

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